Our Philosophy

SilverRide is an exciting new concept in mobility and community for older adults. We're a company dedicated to enabling older adults to have a more connected, fulfilling, dignified and independent lifestyle even after their "driving retirement". At SilverRide we believe that our community's older adults should have access to transportation, accompaniment and interaction that allows them not only to thrive in their everyday activities, but also to continue to engage with and explore their local community. We are committed to providing services to support this mission.

Being a mission-driven company means that all company decisions are made in support of our stated mission and passed through the filter of our company values. As such, every decision we make, from what car we drive, to whom we hire is made with these key principles in mind. While many businesses are only concerned about maximizing profit, SilverRide measures social impact on the community as a key metric of success.

SilverRide was established to support the direct needs of older adults, their children (both local and those who live a distance away), caregivers, and senior facilities looking for senior-focused and senior-friendly services in their community. Our model is that all clients are members of the SilverRide community, through which they can meet, travel and socialize with their peers.

We hope that you will share in our success.

Our Mission: To enable older adults to have a more connected, fulfilling, dignified and independent lifestyle after their "driving retirement".

Our SILVER Values: Safety, Integrity, Longevity, Vitality, Excellence, Respect.

Enjoy safe, reliable rides to appointments... Take an escorted walk through the park... Do several errands with a multi-stop trip... Visit family and loved ones... Meet peers to share in local activities... Enjoy accompaniment on any trip... Visit the opera, ballet or symphony... Enjoy an outing to a local museum...